Merijn Schriks 
Theme: Safe & Healthy Drinking Water

‘Measuring is knowing….and what’s next?’

Technological developments occur fast and result in equipment that allows ever more sensitive measurements. However, the question remains: how can we use the resulting data to guarantee the quality of the water (sources) even better? This should result in new measuring strategies that are further explored in the work package ‘Measuring and monitoring’. Is it possible to use these strategies to better cope with changes in water quality? That question is central to the second work package ‘Anticipating changes in water quality’.
Finally, I consider it a great challenge to interac with consumers for illustrating the added value of these new measuring strategies. That is the challenge in the work package ‘Transparency of water quality data’.

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Theme: Safe & Healthy Drinking Water

The quality of the drinking water we provide has our highest priority. Clients must be able to rely blindly on the safety and quality of our drinking water. Within the theme Safe and Healthy Drinking Water, our main concern is integral control of the quality from the source to the client.