Hester van het Loo
Theme: Hydroinformatics

‘Without technological development no major steps ahead’

The importance of technology is continually growing for the primary process of Vitens. In addition, the development of new technologies occurs ever more quickly. The theme Hydroinformatics contributes to mapping Vitens’ course by providing answers to research questions and facilitating innovations, as follows:

  • Carrying out this research provides Vitens with insight into actual and future developments;
  • The insight obtained from this research enables Vitens to better set priorities and apply focus where necessary;
  • Setting the proper priorities and applying focus enables Vitens to set the right steps within the framework of the long-terms visions ‘Making Water’ and ‘Infrastructure 2020’;
  • By setting the proper steps Vitens transforms itself from a traditional water supply company into a Data-driven Water Supply Company, in a controlled manner; thus we are ready for the future!

Theme ambassador Hester van het Loo can be reached at  hester.vanhetloo@vitens.nl

Theme: Hydroinformatics

Digitalisation of society creates plenty of possibilities. Technology and data (modelling) make it possible to monitor and control processes and infrastructure from the source to the tap (and the environment around it).