Ate Oosterhof
Theme: Abstraction

‘Water abstraction is the basis’

Vitens chooses groundwater as the source for its drinking water. We do so by means of 1200 boreholes spread over 100 well fields in 7 provinces. Vitens’ strategy aims at clean sources. In the heavily populated Netherlands these drinking water resources are under pressure because of the intensive use both above ground and underground. Using my years of experience as a geohydrologist and site manager, and through research and innovation together with knowledge partners, I want to make sure that also future generations may continue to use groundwater as the basis for drinking water. We cannot look into the soil and deeper underground, and there still plenty of riddles to be solved through new insights.

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Theme: Abstraction

Our water sources are our most important asset as a water company. Without a reliable water source, high-quality drinking water is impossible.