Abel Heinsbroek
Theme: Treatment

‘The challenge is in producing a trusted water quality through the transition from a black box approach to a model-driven drinking water process’

The first 12.5 years of my career I worked with the KWR water cycle and research institute. Many problems that water companies struggle with end on their desk and, together with top researchers, solutions are sought. Also after my switch to Vitens that drive to find answers and solutions has my attention, and finding the solution gives me energy. My specialism is water treatment, but because of my broad interest in the water branch also the communication with other specialists is a matter of course. This is an excellent base for the ambassadorship for the theme ‘Treatment’, in which the inventory and listing of issues, finding partners and enthusing research parties are the challenge.

Theme ambassador Abel Heinsbroek can be reached at Abel.heinsbroek@vitens.nl

Theme: Treatment

Providing top-quality drinking water for our clients at any time of the day. That is what we aim for. Adequate treatment, both robust and flexible, is a crucial part of that.