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Innovation and development agenda

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The eight themes

All project mentioned on this website relate to a theme.
A distinction is thereby made between core processes and process-transcending themes.
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“Together with others we can make the most of our opportunities”

We stand for reliable drinking water, for every moment of the day – and for every one of the 5.6 million clients in our service area. We not only deliver drinking water to the current generation, but are responsible for future generations as well. As a water company, we must and want to be able to deal adequately with (unexpected) developments in society, with societal challenges facing us as a country, and with the changing needs of our clients. Coping with an unmanageable future requires research and innovation for every department of our company. We cannot do that on our own, because our ambitions are too high for our company to realise them on its own. We don’t want to do it alone either, as we firmly believe that through cooperation with other institutions, market players, technology suppliers and other water companies we will be able to make more of the opportunities that present themselves. Only together are we really future-proof. This agenda shows on which research and innovation subjects our attention is focussed. It is an invitation to everyone involved in drinking water to think with us, and to contribute to our efforts to turn our ambitions into reality. On behalf of the management of Vitens and all ‘theme ambassadors’,

Jelle Hannema
Chairman of the Board, Vitens

Rik Thijssen
Manager Business Development, Vitens

Jan Gooijer
Innovation Manager, Vitens

Our theme ambassadors 

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Together, reliable, and future-proof

These are the keywords for our ambition. We will gladly tell you the whole story.